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For Upcoming Movie 'Sambhaji 1689'.

Bal Thakre
1. "It was my heartfelt wish that a film be made on Sambaji…. You have made a film on our king. Bal Thakre family will support you wherever possible. Not just us, we hope Maharashtra and whole country will support you. "

- Lt.Bal Keshav Thackeray
  Founder of Shiv Sena.
Manoj Kumar
2. "Like every maharashtriyan I am also the big fan of Sambhaji Maharaj & I wish today’s generation should also know about the right history. The Maharashtra gov. support for this great effort in every way."

- Shree. Devendra Fadnavis
  CM Maharshtra.


3. "Till now people know only about the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj but now it’s time to know about 'Dharamveer Sambhaji Maharaj', the king of all.

This is our honour to support this movie."

 - Shree. Udayanraje Bhosale


Manoj Kumar
4. " There are very few producers and directors who make socially relevant films instead of commercial films.This film is a milestone which people will remember like Mother India or Mughle Azam. It will create history. Audiences wait for years for films like this. Few people have the courage to depict truth in films. I SALUTE YOU."

- Manoj Kumar
  (Actor & Director)


5. "I'm blessed and I thank God for chose me to make this film. When I was about 25-26 I have always wished that one day I will make movie on Sambhaji Maharaj today I am glad, MY DREAM CAME TRUE."

 - Mr.Rakesh S.Dulgaj
   Prod. & Dir of Sambhaji 1689 Perfect Plus Group.


Farha Ghani
6. "History of Sambhaji is very provocative when I heard the script I was stunned but now after the completion of film I am glad it is powerful, universal film that will surprise and challenge anyone who has wrestle with issues of faith, identity and history."

- Ms.Farha Ayaz Ghani 
  Director, FIF Production.



Vijay Goel 7. "Proud to support Sambhaji 1689; When I was in college he was my Hero.
Love to see him on silver screen."

- Shree.Vijay Goel
  Indian Ploitician,BJP.


Prahlad Kakkar
8. "I always wanted to make a film like this, It’s an EPIC treat for everyone, I can bet. "

-Prahlad Kakkar





Hema Malini 9. "Well done…Great endeavour for making such type of movie. People have more interest in epics and surely we all enjoy it."

 - Hema Malini
  (Actor, Prod.& Director)


10. "It reminds me a film Bhaji-Rao shot by one of the worthy Director during my training at FTTI,Pune. Congrats."
 - Mohd.Shafiq Shah    

(Producer, Doordarshan)


11. "We are proud to lend our long standing support to the upcoming film Sambhaji 1689".

 - Shree Ram Lal Ji "National General Secretary, BJP".


Manoj Kumar
12. " My son always wanted to play a role of Sambhaji Maharaj. Well,bad luck this time but wish you all the luck for this great epic."

- Nana Patekar





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