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who sacrificed his life for "HIND-SWARAJYA"

Film Sambhaji 1689 is showcasing the highly inspiring life of
SAMBHAJI MAHARAJ, the brave and remarkable personality
popularly known as son of CHHATARAPATI SHIVAJI.

Comprising many such issues that relates to society's perception
of Sambhji Maharaja’s lives this film is going to define correct
outlines about the life of the brave 'Maratha King' and the battle
he fought to ease our country from so many social ills so that
India could march ahead on the path of new-age development.

He, for having great hand behind rising India as a shinning nation, is a motivating and captivating personality associated with a series of experiences touching Indian aesthetic appeal and diverse cultural qualities.

The film has revealed the true journey of “Sambhaji Raje” emerging from myriad travails in the spirit of a true Maratha and proudly called as a fearless & daring son of India, our motherland.

Despite his cruel and torturous death at the hands of Aurangzeb, how Sambhaji emerged as a NATIONAL HERO, is an inspiring story for many generations to take a moral from.

The story line deliberately veers from being a Maratha centric account and examines issues that are the subject of Marathi Culture, dating back to the time of Shivaji Maharaj.